About Me

I’m a pretty average teenager with big dreams and a love for food. Coming from and Italian family, food was always in my blood.

Getting myself off on a good foot, I entered both The Rotary Young Chef and Springboard’s Future Chef for the first time last year and found myself reaching semi-finals in both, placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. I’m in the process of entering again this year and don’t plan on settling for anything less than 1st place in the final.

I mentioned my big dreams before and I don’t go into anything half-heartedly, I want to win or the best at everything I do and so I don’t plan on being an average chef in your average restaurant. I want to make a difference and share my love of food with everyone, someday; I’ll have a published, successful recipe book and my own cookery show. But for now, I’m working on the recipes for them and sharing them with you guys.